Treibball is a new, competitive dog sport for dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s great fun for any energetic dog that works well off-leash and needs a job, or those naturally “herdy” dogs that don’t have sheep! Treibball is low impact on both the dog and the handler, and is taught without corrections; the handler using only hand signals and verbal cues to give the dog direction. Treibball is, above all, a communication sport; it builds on your dogs’ attention to you, builds better off-leash reliability, and strengthens a great working relationship between you and your dog!

  • Date: 08/10/2023 06:00 PM - 09/28/2023 07:00 PM
  • Location: 2185 Squalicum Mountain Road, Bellingham, WA, USA (Map)


Ticket Type
Treibball level 1 Thursday 6:00pm to 7:00pm Aug 2023




Class schedule is as follows:

Thursday August 10, 17, 24, 31, Sept. 7, 14, 21, 28, 2023

Time 6:00pm to 7:00pm

First day of class, bring enrollment form, and either check, cash or Venmo.

Bring a flat or buckle collar, 6 foot leash (no Flexi-Leashes), and soft treats.

No prong collars, choke collars, or e-collars are permitted in class.

Training center  elevation is 1500 feet.  If snow has created hazardous conditions, classes will be extended.